“AHope” –HIV Orphanage (Ethiopia)

In the bustling city of Addis Ababa, houses are made of tin and barefoot women sell potatoes stacked into tiny pyramids on plastic sacks that cover the ground. Amongst it all pair of metal doors stand tall with a sign outside that reads: “AHOPE”. Beyond the gate is an orphanage, inhabited entirely by children who are HIV+. They shake my hand and giggle excitedly as I ask to photograph them, posing in goofy ways like any child would. Truth is, I would never know they were all sick unless I were told, because AHOPE does such an amazing job taking care of them. Here, they are provided ample food, shelter, clothing, schooling, tutoring, psychosocial support and vocational skills and training.

This is some of the good happening in Ethiopia. Amongst the tragic stories and deaths I’ve witnessed since being here, I am happy to know that God is well at work in places like AHOPE, bringing light to darkness.




This little girl recently lost both of her parents, leaving her to be an orphan. She wants to know English and chooses on her own will to attend classes so she can learn. 1112

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